About Electronic Products GCSE


Why study electronics?

Try to imagine a world without electronics.  It affects almost all aspects of out lives.  Electronics is essential in:

the manufacture and storage of our food

the control of almost all our transport vehicles and systems that enable them to move safely.

modern communications

caring for our health

monitoring and controlling the environment including heating, lighting and security systems 

the storage of information

maintaining the world's financial systems

our entertainment

Electronics lies at the very heart of our technological society.  In just one hundred years we have become totally dependent upon it.

Electronics cannot be avoided in a modern world and therefore everyone living and working within this 'electronic society' should have an understanding of the underlying systems and processes that maintain our way of life.  GCSE Electronic Products is designed to encourage young people to consider working in this dynamic sector of industry that needs able young people who can develop, service and maintain the increasingly complex electronic highways and the control systems that are the key building blocks of a modern technological society.  The course helps to address what DfES, DTI and the engineering professions have shown to be one of the largest areas of skill shortage in the UK. 

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Simon Hua with his GCSE project

A novelty table lamp to illuminate houseplants.  Every 3 or 4 minutes a different bulb switches on to produce a different lighting effect.  Simon is currently studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Bristol University.  

Of course, the lure of excellent employment opportunities in a future career in electronics is not the only reason for opting for this modern, exciting and rewarding subject.  Many, many students choose it because it is fun!

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Campaign to Promote Engineering

A range of video clips that explain the importance of electronics in school and as a career can be found on the Electronics in Schools website.  Some of the filming took place at Finham.  If you look carefully you may recognise some pupils and teachers!

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