3D Printing

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3D Printing


Finham Park School, being a Digital D&T Support Centre, is custodian of a magnificent Dimension BST 3D printer. One of the conditions attached to the provision of the printer is that it should be accessible to all schools in the West Midlands region. (Support Centres in other DCSF regions also have a Dimension printer for use by their local schools). The printer will feature on CAD/CAM courses run by the centre and local schools will be able to take advantage of a 3D printing bureaux service.



Dimension BST 3D Printer

(This machine does not make cups of coffee . . . but it can made coffee cups!)


The steep fall in cost associated with 3D printing means it is becoming a reality in a growing number of schools.  Nevertheless, once a printer has been acquired it can still be an expensive machine to run if care is not taken over the size and nature of jobs that are printed.  We will be looking closely at how the printer can be used effectively for the benefit of the maximum number of students without incurring high costs.  We will keep a diary of how we get on.



3D Printing Bureaux Service


If you would like to make use of our bureaux service, please email you .stl files to: paulgardiner@dsl.pipex.com


There is a charge for the service to cover the cost of materials used.  We will be able to give you a quote once we have been able to process your files.  We will only print your job when you have confirmed you are happy with the price. (Although we do not a have technician dedicated to driving the printer, we will endeavour to turn jobs around in a reasonable time frame)


Compared with powder based machines, the Dimension printer can produce quite strong models with much thinner structures.  (When we have more experience with the machine, we will be able to give advice on wall thickness).  Where students have produced quite large designs it may, in some cases, be appropriate to print a model at reduced scale (to reduce costs).


The cost is 28p/g of model and support material used plus postage.


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