4 day ECT Course May 2005

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Starting out in Electronics


Inset course Electronics & Control for KS3/4


This four day cover paid course is for teachers who are new to electronics but wish to introduce electronics into the KS3 curriculum. The course follows Route 1 of the ECT Accredited Teachers Programme. For further details of this programme please contact Emma Watson at DATA: email: emma@data.org.uk



Organiser: Peter Lock email: peter.lock@warksebp.co.uk


Course tutor: Paul Gardiner, ECT Trainer and Head of Electronics, Finham Park School


Venue: Finham Park School. 


Dates: Part 1 Fri 20th May Sat 21st May Part 2 Fri 24th June Sat 25th June



Teacher cover for Fridays will be paid by DATA at a rate of £130 per day directly to school.  For Saturdays, funding at the same daily rate will be available to each teacher after attendance.


Participating schools will receive £400 worth of approved electronics resources providing the school makes a commitment to match this with £600 spending of their own on electronics and endeavours to incorporate electronics into the technology curriculum.


¡Provisional programme