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Electronics in Schools Strategy


In 2005 Finham Park School was designated a Support Hub for the Electronics in Schools Strategy (EiSS).


The Electronics in Schools Strategy is a cohesive programme, which brings together the strengths of two previous initiatives ECT in Schools and Electronics in Schools.


The aim of the strategy is to continue to raise standards in electronics teaching and learning and positively influence school improvement by:


¡Engaging more pupils in learning about electronics and its applications


¡Transforming teacher expertise, and by definition pupils' learning by providing high quality post-graduate professional development, associated resources and the time to develop professional knowledge


¡Underpinning progression across and within the secondary curriculum


The strategy has recognised that the electronics teacher training offered needs to be flexible in order to allow Setpoints, HEI's and LEA's and others to identify, plan and provide training in modules dependant on local demands, and as such has introduced support hubs to ensure that the training available is well managed with an emphasis on curriculum development.


These support hubs have been set up in nine areas across England (London, North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humberside, East of England, South East, South West, East Midlands, West Midlands) and include partnerships between Setpoints, LEA advisers, HEIs, ECT Accredited Trainers and lead practitioners.


The key aim of the hubs is to identify the needs of local teachers, and provide ongoing support to encourage teachers and schools offering electronics in the design and technology curriculum. The work being undertaken by the hubs includes twilight workshops, after school drop-in clinics and half-day training sessions. A variety of material is covered in these sessions, ranging from reviewing developments in software and hardware to allowing teachers the opportunities to discuss Year 10 activities and Year 11 project work. In addition, the hub centres will be involved in organising single, two and four-day teacher training programmes in conjunction with an ECT accredited trainer, through funding from both the Department for Skills and Education, and the IEE.


If you have suggestions for Hub activities, courses or events please do not hesitate to Contact us.