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In the late 1980ís Delcam identified a common requirement during product design for the quick and efficient creation of manufacturable 3D models from 2D images & artwork. Consequently, in 1991 the first version of ArtCAM was released allowing product logos and artistic flourishes to be added to precision engineering components.  ArtCAM also provides a unique solution for artists and designers to produce intricate manufacturable models without the need for conventional technical or engineering skills.


ArtCAM seamlessly spans the gap between artisans and engineers, carefully combining the strengths of both approaches to form a uniquely powerful 3D modeller, but with all the simplicity of a paint package.  ArtCAM can output stl files to provide a fully-integrated CNC or Rapid Prototype manufacturing solution.


ArtCAM has provided the core modelling and manufacturing environment for thousands of businesses covering a diverse range of markets including; the design of coins in all of the major national Mints, signs, packaging, architectural pieces, jewellery, ceramics, house wares, jewellery, musical instruments, movie props and even ice sculptures.


ArtCAM is available to schools free of charge for use by ArtCAM accredited teachers.  To become accredited, teachers must attended an approved training course, successfully complete an assessment task and be registered with the D&TA.  There is a registration fee of £30. Please see:


For further information about the CAD/CAM in schools scheme please see:


This free one day course aims to enable IT literate technology teachers to become ArtCAM accredited using the latest version of ArtCAM.  (Teachers wishing to become accredited will need to pay the registration fee to D&TA)



Target audience: Teachers of Design and Technology


Organiser: Paul Gardiner


Course tutor: John Myerson


Venue: Finham Park School. 


Dates: Saturday 9th January 2010,


Times: Arrive - 9:00am for 9:30am start, Finish - 4:30pm


Cost: There is no charge for attending the course (and lunch is provided).  However, there is a registration charge of £30 payable to the D&TA for registration (in order to receive a copy of the software).


Please email to reserve a place on the course.