Cyberpet (for ks2)

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Cyberpet project


Inset course Technology for KS2


This one day course is split over two afternoons.  Supply cover cost of £65 per half day is available for each teacher attending.


Organisers: Paul Gardiner/Denise Reader


Course tutor: Paul Gardiner, ECT Trainer and Head of Electronics, Finham Park School


Objectives: To show how to apply the exciting new area of PICs to technology projects in the KS2 classroom.

       To show how to develop aspects of maths and IT in technology projects andhow to meet some of the NC requirements for technology.


Target audience: KS2 teachers with little or no previous experience of using electronics.


Venue: Finham Park School.


Date: Part 1 Thursday 1:00 - 4:00pm on 26th Jan        Part 2 Postponed until after SATs



What are  PICs?


PICs have revolutionised school electronics.  They enable teachers and students to implement working electronic systems with the minimum of electronic hardware (and electronics knowledge).  They are so easy to use they have found their way into many primary schools.  Feedback from teachers on the last version of this course is posted here.


Part 1: Teachers will construct and programme an electronic project the Cyberpet.  No previous knowledge or experience of electronics construction is required.  At the end of part 1, teachers will take away a class set of cyberpet kits fort heir students to assemble and use as part of a classroom activity.  (A set of tools/soldering irons will be available for loan).


Part 2: Review of experiences of using PICs in the classroom and exploration of how to develop the use of PICs in project work (to include the control of Lego motors).


If you wish to attend this course please send your name and school to the course organisers at Finham Park School.  Alternatively email: