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DaisyPIC Printed Circuit Boards


A range of PCBs suitable for stitching onto fabric for projects in e-textiles.  They are printed as double sided plated-through-hole (pth) PCBs on thin (1/16") laminate and utilise surface mount components to create very low profile units. This helps to minimise bulk when incorporated into textile products.  Through-hole plating at the eyelets ensures good connection to conducting thread.


DaisyPIC is inspired by the creative and innovative work of Leah Buechley.  Leah is an Assistant Professor at the MIT Media Lab where she directs the High-Low Tech research group. The High-Low Tech group explores the integration of high and low technology from cultural, material, and practical perspectives, with the goal of engaging diverse groups of people in developing their own technologies. Leah is a well-known expert in the field of electronic textiles (e-textiles), and her work in this area includes developing a method for creating cloth printed circuit boards (fabric PCBs) and designing the commercially available LilyPad Arduino toolkit. ... more





DaisyPIC08 is a carrier for an 8pin surface mount PIC with a 3 pin programming connector.  Optional limiting resistors can be fitted to the PCB  for connection to stand-alone LEDs sewn into the textiles.


When fitted with a PICAXE08M, the PCB can drive LEDs on up to four outputs and respond to signals on one input.  It is possible to reconfigure this arrangement to provide more inputs (by reducing the number of outputs).


Each output can sink or source up to 20mA.





DaisyPIC20 is a carrier for a 20pin surface mount PIC with a 3 pin programming connector.  8 output pins are buffered with darlington transistors.  There is provision for 4 inputs


The outputs can sink up to 500mA each.




LED pair

Daisy LED

Carrier for surface mount 1206 style LEDs. Depending on the required options, the LED can be fitted with or without a limiting resistor.





Daisy TriLED

Carrier for surface mount Tri colour (red, green and blue) LEDs and their limiting resistors. Different colours can be produced by switching on different combinations of LED.





Daisy Push button

Carrier for surface mount tactile switch (push button).



Daisy light sensor

Daisy Light sensor

Carrier for surface mount light sensor.




3V power supply unit

3V power supply with on/off switch.  Uses a single CR2032 coin cell.



6V PSU b

6V power supply unit

6V power supply with on/off switch.  Uses two CR2032 coin cells.



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