Dec 2006

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Circuit Wizard



Organisers: Paul Gardiner


Target audience: Teachers of technology/electronics and science


Venue: Finham Park School.


Date: Thursday 5:00-7:00pm 14th December


The release of Circuit Wizard last year set the standard for school based circuit simulation. If you have not used the programme before and if you teach science you may not yet be aware of how valuable it can be in teaching the electrical aspects of science courses at all key stages. Since the initial release of the software there have been a number of additions and improvements which will be of interest to both technology and science teachers.

At this meeting, new users will be introduced to the software and will have the opportunity to try it out. Existing users will be able to explore the new features. Jim Neale from New-Wave-Concepts, who supply Circuit Wizard, will also be present to demonstrate new features yet to be released. These eagerly awaited developments will be of particular interest to those teachers who work with PICs and science teachers who are likely to be teaching the communications module AP5 of the 21st Century Science course.

To help with the preparation of this meeting please email paulgardiner@dsl.pipex if you plan to attend.