Dec 2009 (Finham)

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Flexible circuits using fabric and conductive thread


Organiser: Paul Gardiner

Target Audience: Teachers of technology/electronics/textiles

Venue: Finham Park School

Date: Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm 8th December


Conductive threads open up a new exciting area of technology that is affordable and suitable for all key stages and the new electronic products specification allows the use of fabric as an appropriate means of encapsulating electronic circuits. At this hands-on session, we will explore techniques for constructing circuits from fabric and conductive thread and view some the examples produced by textiles consultant Heidi Ambrose-Brown. The session may also be of interest to teachers of textiles wanting to develop projects that appeal to boys as well as girls. Why not bring a textiles teacher with you?



LED circuits embedded into fabric (Click here to view image)

Please email if you plan to attend.