Dec 2010 [Finham]

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Double sided surface mount assembly - Starburst


Organiser: Paul Gardiner

Target Audience: Teachers of technology/electronics

Venue: Finham Park School

Date: Wed 5:00-7:00pm 15th Dec


The topic of this meeting is a repeat of the Dec 2007 session on the Starburst project. But this time we will use the more recently developed technique of using solder paste and oven instead of soldering irons.

One of the problems of double sided surface mount assembly is how to stop the bottom side components falling off the PCB when it is in the oven; we will explore the use adhesive specially developed to tackle this problem.



Ready programmed, software controlled Starburst project with different flash modes and speeds selected by push buttons

To help in the preparation of this meeting and to ensure sufficient kits are ordered, please email if you plan to attend.