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Digital D&T Support Centre


CAD/CAM and electronics both involve leading-edge digital technologies, and increasingly training opportunities are looking to integrate this work to provide engaging and motivating design and make activities that are appropriate to the 21st century design and technology curriculum.  Over the course of the next three years, the CAD/CAM in Schools programme and Electronics in Schools Strategy (EiSS) will be merged into a new Digital Design and Technology programme which will provide teacher training and resources to develop this exciting and motivating part of a rapidly changing curriculum.


The West Midlands EiSS Support Hub based at Finham Park School has joined forces with Hugh Johnson, who provides support and training for the CAD/CAM in Schools Strategy, Heidi Ambrose-Brown, Speed Step consultant and Malcolm Eyre, Director of Staffordshire STEM Centre to form the West Midlands Digital D&T Centre.