Electricity/electronics in GCSE physics

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Electricity/electronics for GCSE physics


two-part twilight workshop


Organisers: Paul Gardiner/Marion Frankland/Joe Coughlan

Target Audience: Non-specialist teachers of GCSE science/physics

Venue: Ernesford Grange Community School, Princethorpe way, Binley, COVENTRY

Dates: Part 1 Wed 30th Jan 2008, Part 2 Wed 6th Feb 2008

Time: 4:30-6:30pm


A combination of practical activities and computer simulation will be used to give ideas for teaching the electrical/electronic aspects of GCSE physics.  Although the OCR Gateway Science Suite - Physics B - GCSE specification will form the basis of the workshop, there will be considerable overlap with other GCSE specifications.

Please email paulgardiner@dsl.pipex.com to reserve a place on the course.  To help tailor the sessions to your needs, please indicate which three headings from the following list, you would like covered first.

¡Resistance, current and voltage
¡Potential divider
¡Resistive sensors
¡Electromagnetic induction
¡Logic gates
¡Combinational logic
¡Sequential logic