Feb 2009 (Finham)

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Surface mount assembly using solder paste


Organiser: Paul Gardiner

Target Audience: Teachers of technology/electronics

Venue: Finham Park School

Date: Thursday 5:00-7:00pm 12th February


At this hands-on session, teachers will discover how easy it is to assemble PCBs using solder paste and a reflow (toaster) oven.  The Digital Dice project introduced at the October 2007 teacher's meeting has undergone a face lift to utilise more surface mount components and to halve the size of the PCB without changing the size of the LED display.  The use of solder paste can decreases the number of assembly errors that students make and the smaller PCB size makes enclosures more cost effective.  This PICAXE based project is currently being trialied by year 8 students.


Surface mount digital diceSurface mount digital dice 2

The new surface mount Digital Dice. The PCB measures 35 mm x 35mm

To help in the preparation of this meeting and to ensure sufficient parts are ordered (so that you can take home your own surface mount digital dice), please email paulgardiner@dsl.pipex.com if you plan to attend.