Mar 2006

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Coursework Projects



As deadlines for GCSE coursework approach, thoughts turn towards the next intake, year 10.  This brainstorming/discussion session will focus on GCSE coursework approaches and project ideas.  Topics include:


¡monitoring/tracking progress
¡managing mixed ability
¡managing varied projects
¡project ideas
¡marking coursework
¡looking at past projects
¡on-line Coursework tracker/student log used at Finham


If you have good ideas to contribute, please bring them along for others to share.


Education software have kindly agreed to host Finham's on-line coursework tracker/student log.  As with iWorksheets, access to the Coursework tracker will be free to teachers attending hub meetings.


Organisers: Paul Gardiner/Denise Reader


Target audience: Teachers of technology/electronics


Venue: Finham Park School.


Date: Wednesday 5:00 7:00pm on 22nd March