July 2007

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Infra-red remote control


Organiser: Paul Gardiner

Target Audience: Teachers of technology/electronics

Venue: Finham Park School

Date: Thur 5:00-7:00pm 19th July

IR kit

IR Remote Control system.

This workshop will introduce the infra-red remote control system developed at Finham Park School (now available through Rapid Electronics). This low cost infra-red kit consists of two modules, a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter module will transmit the status of either the 4 on-board push buttons or external digital signals generated from a students project.


¡When a signal is received by the receiver module, the status of each bit is displayed on the receiver module by 4 LEDs


¡The modules have a typical range of around 8 metres, making them ideal for use in student projects like buggy control


¡ An optional 4-bit address can be set to enable more than one pair of modules to operate in the same room without interfering with each other


¡The kit includes comprehensive assembly instructions, details of how the unit works and suggested applications


¡ Details are provided within the notes to show students how they can incorporate the modules into their own circuit designs


¡ Operating voltage 6V, for example 4 x AA batteries


Teachers attending will be able to take away one remote control kit.

To help in the preparation of this meeting and to ensure sufficient kits are ordered, please email paulgardiner@dsl.pipex.com if you plan to attend.