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PIC motherboard


The PIC motherboard contains the PIC, associated programming socket, power supply components and a set of connectors for input and output modules.  Power can be supplied at a voltage of between 9-15V via a dc power connector.  Where output modules require more than 6V, the dc power connector must be used. Where 6V is required, power can be supplied via a PP3 type battery snap. NOTE: on no account connect the battery snap to a 9V battery. The PIC receives its power via a 5V regulator when using the dc power connector.  When using the battery snap, the regulator is bypassed.


The motherboard power supply is designed to power the PIC and output modules e.g. for driving motors, from a single power source without crashing the PIC software.  This arrangement can easily be implemented by students in their own projects to avoid needing two power supplies for reliability.


picXplorer20 v3


picXplorer20 motherboard with a number of input and output modules