Sept 2011 [Finham]

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Surface mount assembly for beginners


Organiser: Paul Gardiner

Target Audience: Teachers of technology/electronics

Venue: Finham Park School

Date: Thur 5:00 - 7:00pm 15th Sept


The Ofsted report; Meeting technological challenges? - Design and technology in schools 2007–10 was critical about the relatively slow progress made by schools in modernizing their D&T curriculum. Ofsted commented that:


“. . .  most of the schools visited had not made sufficient use of subject-specific training to enable teachers new to the profession, and those who were more experienced, to continually update their subject knowledge. This often resulted in an out-dated Key Stage 3 curriculum . . .”


“. . . In around a third of the secondary schools, too little use was made of electronics, computer aided design and manufacture (CAD and CAM) and control technology in the teaching of D&T.”


The Support Centre programme planned for the coming academic year aims to address the issue of modernizing the key 3 D&T curriculum.


Dates for teachers meetings have been pencilled in for:


15th September (Coventry and Kettering)

16th October

24th January

14th March


The next meeting on 15th September is: Surface mount assembly for beginners


Why not update an existing project by including this very low cost, up-to-date electronics module. It requires no specialist knowledge or equipment and a soldering iron is only required for one component. The module is an LED flasher that could be incorporated into any number of projects and contexts (at key stages 3 and 4).




Dual LED flasher


Here it is shown as part of a “Memo pad”


Memo pad


Memo pad - flashing LEDs draw  attention to new notes on the memo pad


At the meeting we will construct a “flasher” module and discuss possible starting points and projects that could make use of it. Attending teachers will be able to take away a class set of “flasher” kits (subject to conditions)


The subject of subsequent meetings will be determined by popular demand.


To help in the preparation of this meeting please email if you plan to attend.