Starting with PICs May 2005

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Starting with PICs May 2005


Feedback/discussion from Part 1 of the course



Having been introduced to the cyberpet project during the first part of the course, teachers took away a class set of cyberpet kits for pupils to construct before returning to part 2 of the course.  For some teachers, this was the first time they had assembled a pcb. 


Here is the feedback from a year 6 teacher


"The children thoroughly enjoyed making their cyberpets.  I offered it to the year 6 children in the school, all of which accepted and were positive about it from the start.  Children with older siblings at the comprehensive school had seen similar circuits that they had made and were excited about being involved in a project they considered to be for children at 'big school'.


I was apprehensive at first because of my lack of knowledge and how much support the children would need, I am pleased to say that by the end of the first session there was no need for concern, your website enabled them to work fairly independently and any questions about the construction I could answer.


The children obviously enjoyed making the circuits and could relate them to the circuits they had made in science.  This project also brought flow charts to life for the children.  The activity was fun and informative as you wanted it to be; more able children were asking what a resistor was and how hey worked while others were simply identifying components in the circuit.


All children completed their cyberpets, I felt to a very high standard [ed note: they were indeed completed to a high standard!] considering their age and lack of previous experience.  The children have taken their cyberpets with them to the comprehensive school whee the DT teacher offered to continue programming them during a lunch time club."