Worksheets Form

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¡To carry out any operation with a worksheet you must select the Worksheet button.


i-W Worksheet button


¡Then select a class to which the worksheet applies. . .


i-W Worksheet Class


       . .  . the Worksheets form will then open


i-W Worksheet form


Worksheets Form


The Worksheets form allows you to:


¡Begin a new worksheet
¡Change the name of an existing worksheet
¡View worksheets belonging to other teachers
¡Edit a worksheet
¡Set worksheets for students to complete
¡Mark submitted worksheets
¡Return marked worksheets
¡Print worksheets for reference or for pupils complete by hand


Note: The only worksheets you can edit and set are ones that you are the author of.  However, you can use other teacher's worksheets by making a copy of them.  The copy then becomes yours to edit and set.