GCSE Projects 2002

Digital Kitchen Timer by Emma Askew  

Uses a pre-programmed multiplexed 4-digit 7-segment display driver.  Timing is performed by a Logicator PIC programmed by Emma.  Pressing the right button rapidly increments the display. Pressing the left button stops starts the timer which counts down in seconds.  When the displayed time reaches 0000 a tune plays.

Grade A

Three Station Intercom by Heather Ratcliffe

Heather has used surface mount resistors to reduce the size of her PCB.  External connections are made via PCB mounting screw connectors for reliability.

Grade A

Dual Digital Dice by Michael Tee

Michael has used surface mount diodes to minimise the size of his PCB.  The enclosure is particularly well designed and made.  The top and bottom halves of the case are formed using the same shape and sized former.  They fit snugly together using an insert that is 1.5 mm smaller than the outer case.  The middle of the insert has been removed to facilitate mounting of the PCB.  The use of red transparent acrylic provides good contrast for the LEDs and saves having to drill holes for mounting them.  The 'roll' button has been vacuum formed and is glued to a strip of polystyrene to forms a hinge.  The button rest on top of a PCB mounted tact switch.

Grade A