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Where next?

  • The primary function of this web site was to support my work as an electronics teacher at Finham Park School. Although I am now retired, that site will remain active and mainatined as it is still useful to others.

  • Funding to provide courses through the West Midlands Digital D&T Support Centre which I jointly manage with Hugh Johnson and Heidi Ambrose-Brown has new ceased. Resources generated for the support centre (including project PCBs) can still be accessed here. The centre's website and mailing list remains active incase we are able to secure fuding for courses in the future.


  • I am also a ECT trainer actively working to promote/support electronics in schools. The ECT initiative funded by the IET and DCSF is managed by D&TA. Further information can be found here 4D&TA



  • Electronics Education published by the IET containes numerous useful articels on electronics for students and teachers alike - this includes some that I have written. Although Electronics Education is no longer published back copies can still be download from 4The IET.

  • ECT Education is a website that aims to fill the void left by the demise of Electronics Education. My articles published in EE are slowly being copied to ECTEducation to make them available to download without loss of fidelity. (The on-line back issues of EE on the IET website have been converted to pdf at a comparatively low resolution rendering many diagrams unreadable!). By subscribing to the RSS feed (using your email client or RSS reader) you can automatically receive notification when new content is added to the ECT Education website. 4ECT Education

  • Finham Park students can email me using this link.

    4P H Gardiner

  • School contact information can be found on the school's main website:

    4Finham Park School

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