Text Books

GCSE Electronic Products:  To our knowledge, there are no suitable text books to use for class teaching that systematically cover all of the course.  In any case, for the first part of the course we tend to concentrate on the practical skills and processes that are invaluable for coursework and teach the theory while coursework is on going (when it has more relevance to the students).  For coursework, however, the following texts (which are available in the electronics room and in the school library) can be helpful:

n Mawson, Bell, Poole and Shepard (1996) Design and make it: Electronic Products Stanley Thornes ISBN 0 7487 2473 7

n Payne and Rampley Electronic Products: Design, Systems and Control Collins ISBN 0 00 320012 4

n McHugh Electronic Products: GCSE Design and Technology Lonsdale Revision Guides ISBN 1905129114

n McHugh The Essentials of GCSE Electroinc Products: Electroinc Products Workbook Lonsdale Revision Guides ISBN 1905129203