Useful Links



For free PICAXE programming editor click here to go to to the tech-supplies site.  Select My Account to register (it is free) before you can download the editor.  (Note: the option to purchase the programming editor is for a CD - which you don't need if you download it!).  When you have logged in, use the site browser to follow >> PICAXE Microcontrollers >> Software >> Programming Editor Software >> Download

4-Bit IR Remote Control System

Click here  to go to the Rapid Electronics download site from where you can download technical details and application notes for the Finham Park IR remote control system (4-bit IR Remote control transmitter/receiver kit).

Solar Motor Gearbox

Click here  to go to the Rapid Electronics download site from where you can download assembly instructions for constructing the  Finham Park Solar Motor Gearbox.

PIC-Logicator user manual

Click here to go to the Economatics Education site from where you can download the PIC-Logicator book..


Click here to go to the Seetrax site from where you can download the latest version of Ranger2Xl (Demonstration version).   This can be turned into a working version by installing a license.  If you are a Finham Park student skip step 1, go straight to step 2.  Finham Park students can obtain a homework license from me.


Click here to go to the ec-software site from where you can download a demonstration copy of the excellent screen capture tool, TNT.  Many of the screen shots used on this site are captured using TNT.

Local (to Coventry) suppliers of computer components

link to Micom based in Stoke, Coventry

link to Eclipse Computers based in Radford, Coventry

link to Maplin Electronics Bishop Street Coventry

Suppliers of Electronic Components

link JPR Electronics

link Rapid Electronics

link Farnell Electronics

link RS Components

These companies will supply individuals and accept credit card orders.  Their sites are a useful source of component data sheets.

Sites of general interest

link to  National Physics Laboratory for information about transmission of atomic time from MSF Ruby.

link to Submarine Cable Museum for information about the early development of communication and telegraphy.

link to Station X for information about about code breaking, the enigma machine and development of the world's first computer.

link to Arizona Micropchip for PIC datasheets, free PIC assembler, and application notes giving examples of how to use the full range of PIC devices.

link to BBC Radio 4 programme which discusses the incredibly rapid development of the computer industry and speculates on future development

link to BBC Radio 4 programme End of the Line? which discusses the invention and future of the laser in communication systems. 

link to BBC Radio 4 programme Diamonds which looks at the emerging technology of diamond electronics.

link to BBC Radio 4 programme Wearable computers takes a look at embedding computers into garments.

link to fear of physics site for excellent explanations of  major topics in physics.  This site is ideal for revision.

Kelsey Park School Electronics Club has much useful information about basic electronics and further links to other useful sites. this is an outstanding site for students of design.  It catalogues a long list of bad designs that have actually made it into production! Excellent ideas and further links from Andrew Booker at Kirk Hallam School, Derbyshire. Describes how amateurs can reflow solder surface mount components using a 'toaster' oven has a large amount of material for school electronics from Christopher Leigh, Dean Close School Cheltenham is Professor Stephen Hawking's web site. Here you can find transcripts of his public lectures aimed a non specialist audience.  If you want to know more about black holes and time travel, look no further!

Circuit Central excellent library of circuit ideas.

Stephenson High School has some very useful advice on tackling GSCE EP coursework. searches the best design and technology websites.

Pic chip sites

Plenty of ideas for using 8pin (and larger) PICAXE chips here.

Useful site dedicated to using the low cost PicKit for programming flash PICs.  Site includes examples of Pic assember.