Where next?

"Engineers are the ultimate trend-setters.  High street retailers may have been the first to tell you about the latest ultra-small mobile phones, high street fashions and the tastiest food on your table - but engineers were the driving force that brought these ideas to life.  Engineers have also played a big role in making sure that we no longer have to go out and hunt or fight for the basic things in life - fresh water, heat and a roof over our heads.  That's because engineers keep questioning what many people just accept.  They enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to do things which are simpler, safer and more efficient.

Using creative ideas, engineers play around with products - they invent things you've never thought of yet.  Engineering affects everyone everywhere in the world."

The modern world of work is a rapidly changing one.  Often in the news we learn of the collapse of a manufacturing company or of a company transferring its manufacturing abroad.  This gives a false, negative impression of engineering opportunities.  The truth is that never before in history has man been so dependent on engineering.  Just look around you - nearly everything you see has been designed, engineered, manufactured, installed and maintained by engineers and technicians.  There has never been so much opportunity for work and travel in engineering than there is today.

Companies are desperate to recruit young people with an interest in science and technology at all levels from apprentices to graduate trainees.  To entice their recruits, companies offer many schemes for work experience and grants to assist with study at university.  Some of the following links may point you in a suitable direction.

Where are you heading with your career ? . . . .

All the following sites have a great deal of information about careers in science and technology.  They may also have information about sponsorships and bursaries to support you in your further education.

http://www.iee.org Institute of Electrical Engineers

http://www.circuit.iee.org Institute of Electrical Engineers graduate website

http://www.raeng.org.uk Royal Academy of Engineering

http://www.wisecampaign.org.uk Women into Science and Engineering

http://www.engc.org.uk Engineering Council UK

http://www.baesystemseducationprogramme.com/restrictedarea/ British Aerospace

http://www.etech.co.uk Engineering and Technology Board